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Digital Guru is a creative studio that specializes  in Innovative UX & open source development, engaging the latest technologies with modern design and UI. The studio has an extensive experience in working with a wide array of clients ranging from international companies to non-profit organizations.
Guy Lev. CEO
With Experience of over 20 years, Guy Lev has managed 100’s of successful projects. Guy Lev is one of Israel’s top interactive experts leading the community in various fields all over Israel. Guy Lev is Israel’s Adobe User Group chapter representative giving lectures and teaching Israel’s top designers and studios.
Guy Lev is also writing in behalf of the government all the curriculum and national test for design and new Media for 15 years,
in charge of 1000’s of students around Israel and setting the tone for the next generation of Interactive designers in Israel.
Shani Sherf, CTO
With Experience of over 10 years,Shani Sherf has developed 100’s of projects, ranging from small web sites to complex e-commerce solutions.
Shani is an expert on open source development and integration of systems API.

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